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>> on november 6th, we're coming, we're coming together for a better future and on november 7th, we're going to get started. >> i need your vote, and if want to knock on doors with me and make some phone calls with me, and early vote for me, and turn out on tuesday for me, we'll win ohio. we'll win this election. >> down to the wires, three days to go until the election and nine swing states, and the candidates in seven of them today alone. president obama is travelling it four states, ohio, wisconsin, iowa and virginia, governor mitt romney will be hitting three, new hampshire, iowa and ohio. and hour number two of america's news headquarters
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starts right now. in washington, and the second hour of america's news headquarters starts at this moment. and topping our news off right now, we're going to talk to you about the live election team coverage that we have in play with three battle ground states. ohio, virginia, and florida. steve brown is live in mansfield, ohio, peter doocy live in fairfax, virginia, and steve harrigan, tampa, florida. and steve brown in ohio, a state that many say is a must-win for either candidate. steve. >> reporter: hey there, uma, yeah, basically two, you can break ohio down into two contests, a contest that's leading up to election day and that's the early vote and there's the contest that goes on on election day and the regular voting and the early vote is the contest that's going on right now. and we're in the final hour of early voting here on saturday, it ran into 8 until 2, or runs from 8 until 2 here, and this is a very important portion of the equation, for the obama
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campaign. they have really made this a center piece of their particular strategy and had a lot of help in the persons of travelling here to the state of ohio, to help them get that vote out, to try and gin up the excitement, if you will, a little bit about getting those votes done early. richard trumka, the president of the afl-cio was speaking at an event in columbus today, talking about the importance of getting people out to vote. here is why. the obama campaign made it a sfr piece because they believe they can win it and get younger people out to the polls and people out there camp to the polls and president obama has a lead going into the early vote. and absentee, is strong enough, because the republicans believe they'll win in the election day voting.
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>> peter doocy is live in fairfax, virginia where national polls are showing the race between governor mitt romney and president obama is a statistical dead heat. peter? >> that's right, uma, here in fairfax county today, virginia's largest locality. 1.1 million people live here and barack obama won this county by 109,000 votes in 2008. helping him win the state of virginia, we've seen a steady stream of people walking from the parking lot into the polls, today is the last day in virginia and you can vote absentee in person and since every vote is important in virginia in 2012, asking them what it is that's driving their vote. >> and i'm going to school, not around here, so i had to come back for it. and the most important issue would probably be for me, the military and the economy. and what's going to happen with it. >> i think it's really important that we have a president who understands the needs of all the people and
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isn't just focused on the wealthiest. >> i'm probably going to say jobs, especially with the insurance with obamacare because what they're doing right now is, i just don't think that washington has any comprehension what's going on. >> i want bipartisanship and people working together is my biggest issue. >> my wife is always right. >> so, it's interesting to get their perspective, even though most of them do not want to say who they were voting for and it's worth pointing out, uma, the senate race is airtight as well. republican george allen and democrat tim kaine raised combined 30 million dollars, outside groups pumped in another 40 million and at this point today, three days out, they are essentially tied. back to you. >> wow, a very, very tight race indeed. thank you very much. we'll wrap up our team coverage in florida where governor romney is maintaining the lead over the president and two key voting blocks in florida, and seniors and hispanic vote eand steve harrigan is standing by with more on all that, what can you
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tell us? >> uma, an intense ground effort underway by both spain to try to get out the vote on the last day of early vote, 3.5 million people in florida have voted and the lines at the tampa polling place pretty good by florida standards, one hour wait here, some places like in miami-dade county, up to three hours. the last eight days, 15 days last year, and some county election officials asked to extend it through sunday and he's not going to do that. this county right now, hillsboro, a swing county and bellwether, gone with the winner. presidential race every time except once. and they know their vote matters. >> i know some cases people are in line for hours and do they seem to be minding the fact that it's taking long to cast those early ballots?
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>> i think people have been prepared for it because it's a long complicated ballot. they knew there would be a wait, but it's remarkable to see here, the patience, a number of parents holding their children and people reading their book and even physically disabled people, a man in a wheelchair waiting patiently in line, realizing the importance of what they're doing and admirable the patience today. >> lots of momentum in florida, thank you very much, steve. >> he said he would cut the deficit in half, instead, it's double what it was. he said he'd get unemployment by now down to 5.2%, and we learned today, it ticked up to 7.9%, that's 9 million jobs short. >> that was governor mitt romney calling out president obama for falling-- 9 million jobs soar has promised. and the bureau of labor and statistics, adding 171,000
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jobs, now are the new numbers going to affect the way the candidates talk about the economy in these final days before the election in joining us now with perspective, a mitt romney supporter who deals firsthand with unemployment issues, governor jan brewer of arizona. >> good morning. >> let's talk for a moment about the jobs numbers that came out yesterday, and the president is saying that the fact that 171,000 jobs have been added shows that his policies are working and taking a little longer than he had he' hoped, but that the country is moving in the right direction. and what's your response to that? >> well, you know, we're all grateful as things are, are turning around a little bit, but the bottom line is unemployment has grown and he made a big promise when he ran four years ago, that he was going to turn our country around and he has not done that. so, i believe people are disappointed and they're ready for change and the enthusiasm that we're seeing out there on the campaign trail, is just
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unbelievable. and i believe that people are going to go to the polls and they're going to cast their vote and they are he' going to cast it for mitt romney because they know that he has something that will definitely turn the economy around and get those out to the tens of thousands of people that have no jobs. >> do you think though at this point the fact that these numbers have come out, just days before the election, will they actually have any impact though with people who are really undecided at this point? >> well, i believe that people are probably, some of them, a the lot of them are waiting until the last minute to vote this weekend, and on election day on tuesday for the bottom line, is that we've got thousands, tens of thousands of people that still don't have jobs and jobs in the economy is what makes america, what it is. and that's what keeps our families going. and president obama has had four years of failure, he hasn't delivered.
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and it's time for people to stand up, cast that vote and get america turned around. you know, he says that he would cut the nation's debt in half. at the end of his first term, if he couldn't do that, it should be a one term proposition, of course, now, the president continues to say that he needs more time. how do you think that's playing with the american public and particularly people in your state? >> well, in arizona and i think across america, people are tired of hearing the president always blaming everybody else for his failures and making excuses. he's out in the country, flying around and talking about silly stuff that's not important to people. he's not talking about the issues that the people are concerned about, people want to talk, and they want to hear his plan for a recovery. and how is he going to create these jobs and how is he going to stop this unemployment in and he's not doing that. you know, he's talking about silly necessa
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silliness, so i believe they're going to respond by casting their vote and on tuesday, for mitt romney, he's the hope for the future. >> governor, thank you so much for joining us today. we appreciate your insight. >> thank you. >> well, that's 25 million people in 34 states and district of columbia will be voting early in the election, about a third of all votes in the election are expected to be cast before actual election day and we want to know, did you vote early and was it worth it or do you follow the traditional path and wait until election day? >> gets your answers to us, we'll take a look at them. and she waited 90 minutes and 39 degree temperatures, voted romney and very much worth it. and everett writes, i enjoy going to the polls. all those years in the military i had to vote absentee. so, those are just a sampling, we are getting a lot of responses and keep tweeti
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>> so i -- so, i made this mistake in des moines a week ago today, when it was very much colder-- >> that's the senator chuck grassley from iowa. we're awaiting mitt romney's remarks and he's going to be appearing that shortly about 1:30 and when that happens we'll bring you the governor's remarks live, of course, a busy day of campaigning. lots of stops in the key swing states and iowa happens to be one of them and it's a busy news weekend here, certainly, covering the candidates and what it's going to take to win come election day, moving along now, it's the storm after the storm. more than 900,000 people still don't have power in new york and new jersey, and now there's news, another winter storm is on the way. and joining us now from the campaign trail where he's
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stumping very hard for governor mitt romney, former new york mayor rudy guiliani. mr. mayor, thank you for joining us today. >> very nice to be with you. >> uma: let's talk about what's happening in new york and new jersey. i know a lot of people are suffering there, people have been coping with long gasoline lines, a lot of places don't have gas, people are looking for some of the basic needs of food, shelter, water. what do you think of the response so far? >> i think that the president has gotten high marks from the media and i think those high marks are underekserved, in the last couple of days not paying attention what's going on in new york and new jersey. and i've been there, tragedy they're suffering the way they are. fema is not responding should be enough generators in new york by now that a lot of the loss of power is alleviated. the gasoline lines are a mile
10:17 am
long. there have been violent confrontations on some of these gasoline lines. if the president were paying attention, fema would be much more on the ball and the fact is that the media does not hold him to account, the way had he held president bush to account when katrina was going on. >> why do you think the media is not being held to account on this one. >> they want to reelect one. same reason they haven't asked him the key questions on libya. he still hasn't been asked, did he know about the two prior attacks on that consulate in the months leading up to the attack on september 11th, the american consulate in benghazi was attacked twice. that should have put the president on alert that that consulate was a target, and it should have been protected. it was not protected and our american citizens died there because of the confidence. the media is afraid to ask the questions. brian williams had a half hour interview with him.
10:18 am
never bothered to ask him, mr. president did you know about the two prior attacks, one of which with a hole 12 feet wide in the wall. if you did know about it how come you turned down the request for additional security. >> uma: i mean, we still don't know what was happening in the situation room or if the president was in the situation room that day. we do know that our ambassador was asking, pleading for more security even on the day he died, september 11th, saying he was very concerned about a possible terrorist attack, which indeed did manifest itself. right now though, there are those who are saying the president owes it to the american public to fill out the facts, spell it all out and tell the american people what he knew and when he knew it. but he doesn't want to say anything before election day. the president absolutely owes the american people an explanation, as to whether he knew about the two prior attacks. that's a simple question,
10:19 am
could be a very simple answer, he either did or didn't know about the two prior attacks, if he did know why didn't he give extra, why didn't he give extra security to the consulate and if he didn't know, what the heck is wrong with his national security apparatus. >> and going forward with this, in terms of the information we're getting we know that the white house knew within 24 hours that this was indeed a terrorist attack and yet, continued to talk to about this anti-muslim video or a few weeks after the fact, saying it was a result of a spontaneous attack and what happened at the consulate. and our own reporters, catherine herridge, have been coming up with dynamite information spelling out some of the details and logistics of what was going on. what's been your reaction to the news as it's been unfolding? >> well, i just said what i just said, and in green bay, wisconsin, the people came up to me and one lady grabbed me and said, you make sure the
10:20 am
media reports this because it's a smelly coverup. >> uma: and-- >> she might have had more insight into it than a lot of vaunted experts who report on the news and you're quite right, fox is reporting here those two, those two young ladies covering it deserve the pulitzer prize. >> uma: let me ask you about your campaigning this weekend. i know you're going nonstop for mitt romney and that you've been on a bus with others trying to, you know, get a sense of what's out there in terms of the mood and the excitement that has-- that you've been saying has been building for mitt romney. tell me about the ground game at this point. >> well, i'm travelling with a group of people, including senator coleman, great senator from minnesota and mayor of st. paul and we're in wisconsin for today. everybody's been assigned to different states. we believe that wisconsin is a state that we have a good chance of winning. the enthusiasm we saw in green
10:21 am
bay was tremendous for the morning hours, and tremendous turnout. these people seem to be willing to do anything to get mitt romney elected and to be rid of barack obama. so, i think that wisconsin is a state that we have a really good chance of winning. >> uma: when you take a look at what people are saying to you, are they saying that in addition to the economy, that they are really indeed very concerned about the way the libya situation has been handled then? >> i -- i believe that the people know a lot more about benghazi than people realize. i think there has been going on now for six weeks. the administration has lied about it so often they have gone so far in covering it up, that i think that people are beginning to focus on the fact that something very wrong happened there, that if we had a president who was a real commander-in-chief, if we'd had john mccain in the white
10:22 am
house or mitt romney in the white house, as soon as that consulate was attacked back in april and then in june again, it would have gotten more security. and then, when the president found out on september 11th that it was under attack now for a third pitime, he wouldn't have relied on the libyan governor to protect our people or cia operatives. would have send the military immediately and not wonder whether he offended the libyan government. who gives a darn if you offend the libyan government if american lives are at stake, particularly if they demonstrated in the months before they could not protect that consulate. that's why it's important to know whether the president know about the prior attacks? because if he did know, then his inaction is totally inexcusable. >> uma: mr. mayor, it's a pleasure to have you on the show today. thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you very much. >> uma: i know you've got a very busy weekend and hope to
10:23 am
see you soon and i know you're going to be watching the results very closely come tuesday, thank you. >> thank you, uma, thank you very much. >> uma: well, everybody's been saying the unemployment rate has risen again. showing how listless the economy is. and the labor department showing two green arrows, while 171,000 jobs were created last month. the other green arrow seems to be the problem that the unemployment rate went up to 7.9%, fair and balanced, angela mcglowan and former spokesman for howard dean's campaign. thank you ladies for being here, welcome. >> thank you for having us. >> uma: angela, let me begin with you about the jobs report. the fact that we have added more jobs is a hopeful sign, but for many people it's too little too late. >> you're exactly right, uma, a little too little, too late from the standpoint when people go to the polls, are you better off today than you were four years ago, and with
10:24 am
women, the unemployment rate has gone up. amongst blacks in september the unemployment rate in the black community was 13.4%, and uma, now it's at 14.3%, in the hispanic community it's increased and i can go on and on and on and the reason why mitt romney has closed the gender gap with president obama amongst women because women care about the economy and jobs, though more jobs were created with the jobs report and 7.9%, below 8%, still, people are out of work. >> let's talk about the 7.9% number. it's certainly not good news and something that's very discouraging to a lot of folks who are still looking for work and 23 million people in the country who remain unemployed, not to mention the fact that a the lot of people just stopped looking for work altogether. how does the obama administration respond to that number at a time when people are hurting? >> that number is misleading,
10:25 am
what we're actually seeing is consumers confidence is at the highest level in four years, what that means is that bob jones in toledo is seeing something that joe smith at goldman sachs might not be, that the job numbers, pretty good 171,000 new jobs what you said, and again, it's growing and the small up tick in the unemployment rate is actually a different measure and pretty insubstantial. >> angela, we have one out of six people living in poverty. >> yes. >> and that's a sobering number here in 2012 when many people expect that we should be doing much better than that and people shouldn't have to be suffering in such a way. >> uma, after 814 billion dollars stimulus package after a 26 billion dollar stimulus package was supposed to create jobs and then the auto bailout and then we've had solyndra,
10:26 am
so much money has been wasted and the president when he started, i cannot cut the deficit. if i cannot bring more prosperity to america then it's going to be a one-term proposition and i think on tuesday, it's going to be a one-term proposition. it's all about messaging, and unfortunately, the liberals, they've had a message of decisiveness, a message of redistribution of wealth and romney has talked about what he's going to do to create a more prosperous america and on tuesday we're gog see a difference. >> let me ask you this, the fact na the president said he was going to cut the deficit in half, again, in his first term, that didn't materialize, is that not troubling to you? >> i think that you're right, that people out there are going to be voting on the economy, but i don't think that they're persuaded by mitt romney's message. what you're seeing is nothing, but desperation and the closing message is false, erroneous jeep ad that everyone from gm and chrysler to every paper in the state has come out and said is untrue. i don't think a winning campaign closes by trying to
10:27 am
scare people into voting for them. >> christy, and you're right when the ad first came out there was some inaccuracy there, but it was corrected and the bottom line is this: with the auto bailout it was suppose today create more jobs with chrysler. >> it did. >> chrysler now expanded its business to china. so actually the president talked about mitt romney putting jobs in china, when actually our tax dollars went to create more jobs in china. >> angela, that's not true. that's absolutely not true. as i said, everybody's who's debunked the ad, the romney campaign is looking to scare people and i can't imagine you'd do if you're winning in ohio. >> no, christy, in the ad, mitt romney says that chrysler was taking jobs from ohio. chrysler is expanding its business to china and creating jobs in china. >> angela, that's not near the ad-- >> let me jump in, seconds left. >> sure. >> we've got really tight races in the key swing states
10:28 am
and fact is it is very close and given that, what are your expectations come tuesday? we've got a lot of of people dealing with early voting and turnout has been really good. is ohio a must-win for either candidate to they're going to secure the presidency? >> yes-- >> ohio, yes, a must-win, if romney didn't win ohio if he takes wisconsin, nevada, iowa, wisconsin new hampshire, a chance he could win pennsylvania and virginia. >> yes. >> uma: that's going to have to be the last word unfortunately we're out of time and appreciate you joining us and always great to see both of you. >> great to see you, too. >> thank you. >> uma: new hampshire, iowa and colorado all in one day. waiting to see from mitt romney in iowa and where we find campaign carl cameron, hi, carl. >> reporter: hi, uma, the theme music for the candidate's entrance has begun and mitt romney takes the podium in dubuque, iowa, a key state before the polls close
10:29 am
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>> welcome back everybody. right now we're awaiting governor romney's campaign speech in dubuque, iowa. and the candidates are talking revenge versus love. and we've got a big crowd out there. we're waiting to hear from the governor because they have
10:33 am
been waiting in this swing state for quite some time, and very chilly out there of course, and the governor is set to address the crowd. and this is one of many stops we're making this weekend, a very busy weekend from both candidates and the president and mitt romney. let's listen in. >> boy, it's great to be here, richard petty, nascar fame and champion, thank you for being here, senator grassley, have you hit any deer lately? those of you who watch his blog know he bummed into a deer the other day and said unfortunately didn't make it, the deer didn't make it. but was it delicious? (laughter) >> i have the next first lady of the united states with me here, ann romney (cheers) >> you all know that iowa holds a very special place in our hearts. we've been in so many of your
10:34 am
communities and we have come to love this state and love its people. (cheer (cheers) >> we also know why you're here today. it's because you love america. i'm standing next to a guy that i've been married to for a long time, 43 years, and i know him-- i know him so well and everything he's done, he's achieved excellence in our marriage, in raising our five boys, in business, as a governor, as turning around the olympics and i can't wait to see him do the next turn around. (cheer (cheers) >> may i introduce to you, the next president of the united states. (cheers).
10:35 am
(cheers). >> . >> uma: well. >> three more days. >> three more days! >> three more days, exactly right. and i'm-- >> three more days, three more days! >> now, i know most of you here have decided who you're voting for in three more days. but you have some neighbors who haven't made up their minds yet so i want to make sure that i give you altl th ars that you need to get them on our team, paul ryan and i change america, and some folks putting aside the demands are daily life and focusing on this campaign and may want to know what the future is going to hold depending who becomes the next president. who is going to affect their life and their family's life. who is going to affect the country in the way that will make the greatest difference.
10:36 am
you can go back and remind them, that words are cheap. you can say whatever you want to say in a campaign, but what you could achieve, results, those are earned. those can't be faked. and you see, four years ago, you could remind them that candidate obama made a number of promises. and he they didn't go and look through and say how well did they do. he said, for instance, he's going to be a post partisan president and he's been most partisan and cut the deficit in half. doubled in. get unemployment down to 5.2% right now. and we just learned on friday, it's up to 7.9%. and that means, 9 million more americans don't have work than what he promised. and he said he was going to cut your health insurance premiums by 2500 a year. anybody seen that happen to them lately? actually, for the average american, it's gone up by
10:37 am
3,000 a year. and then of course, he said it ave social security and medicare, and came out with no plan to do either one of those things, in fact, he took 716 billion dollars out of medicare to pay for his vaunted obamacare. and he said he was going to work across the aisle, he was going to work the republicans and the democrats to get things done. and interesting, you know, you know how long it's been since he has spoken with either the senate, the republican leader in the united states or republican leader in the house about either the economy or the deficit or sequestration or jobs? it's been since july. i don't call that working across the aisle, with people in the opposition party. he made a lot of promises, but those promises he couldn't keep and the difference between us, he made promises, he couldn't keep. i'm making promises i have kept and i will keep them for the american people. (cheers).
10:38 am
(cheers). if you would like to see the rest of the governor's speech, you can watch it streaming live on, where you can hear the speech at the rally in dubuque in its entirety. let's bring in campaign carl cameron standing by at the rally with his thoughts. a big and enthusiastic crowd out there, carl. >> well, uma, romney is now giving the sort of blunt, candid contrasts of what he promises as opposed to what president obama has delivered or in romney's view clearly has not delivered. as you just heard, he said that achievements are earned, you can say whatever you want, but you have to be able to produce and he's making the argument in the final three days that obviously, president obama's to romney's view has not. there's also a new attack coming from romney that stems from a comment from the president yesterday. when he told voters, they mentioned mitt romney's name
10:39 am
and he said don't boo, vote, voting is the best way to get revenge. and mr. romney has been pounding the president ever since for that, watch. >> yesterday the president something, you may have heard by now that i think surprised a lot of people, speaking to an audience he said voting is the best revenge, he told the supporters, voting for revenge, vote for revenge? let me tell you what i'd like to tell you, vote for love of country. (cheers). and that dove tails into what is romney's affirmative positive message, the type of agenda he'll bring to the country. five points to expand, expanded education, ways to improve trade, crackdown on china, cut taxes and balance the budget and small business and makes the argument he has a record of that achievement mr. romney didn't match being in office-- mr. obama can't match being in the office virtually four
10:40 am
years and he made the remarks in new hampshire and in ohio and by the estimates, 30,000 people in the crowd, by other estimates 20,000. and he'll come back to iowa to sleep and three hours in the sack another three or four states, all told about nine, excuse me, seven states and 13 events in the final 96 hours and actually now down about to 80. uma? >> an amazing schedule. it's unbelievable, the pace to keep up in the final days before the campaign. carl, i know you're going to be sticking with the romney campaign there all the way through, thank you for that update and we'll be checking back with you as we get closer to the election day. we'll take a quick break and when we come back, we'll talk to a key political observer about his thoughts on the the race and why he thinks the race is still too close to call. don't go away. . hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios
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>> well, as we've been telling you, we're days away from many of you heading to the polls to pick the next president of the united states. and while some pundits are making the predictions, our next guest says the race up to this point is too close to call. and joining us now to explain why, she is he' here to share the ideas and thoughts with us. and great to have you here. i know there are a lot of political observers out there, not a lot, but a few who are actually making specific predictions about the winner. you're saying though, it's not certain at all. why? >> i'm saying that, uma, because if you look carefully at the eight or nine true swing states, remember, this is over in 40 states or so, you look at the real swing states and you burro down into the data, not just the polling data.
10:46 am
there are trends and counter trends. it's mixed. i know a lot of people out there who think it's going to be a landslide and getting e-mails and tweets from them. more power to them maybe they're right, but i don't see it in the entrails of this election, at least prior to tuesday. >> uma: i think it's also very interesting to see, fascinating on both sides, how confident both the romney camp is and the obama camp happens to be at the moment about victory on tuesday, and also very interesting to see what's happening in those states like florida, the key battle zone states where people have been waiting in long lines for hours to cast those early ballots. >> people seem to be very engaged in this election, we're bound to top 130 million people, from 130 to 140 million americans voting in this election, remember, a third or more will already have voted before tuesday, it could go up to 40%, have cast their ballots prior to tuesday. but, this is about, these last few days, are about enthusing
10:47 am
the party bases, getting them out to vote and i tell you what's helping, uma, it's what you just said. often at the end of a campaign i find that one side is counting forcing the spin. they think they're going to lose. you eventually catch on to that, and not this time. both of the campaigns and the key people associated with it really do believe they have a path to victory, it's not spin. maybe they're living in parallel universes, one of them is right and one is wrong, but it's helping to enthuse the base. >> remember the last election, even though publicly the mccain supporters were trying to put on a brave front. it was clear in some circles that he was going to have a tough time, and it wasn't very-- they weren't confident he would pull a win off by this point. >> that's exactly right. and contrast 2008 when most people had figured out by ewilkes day who was going to
10:48 am
be the next president. contrast that to 2000 and 2004, in 2000 in particular, no one really knew, it was clearly going to be very close. in 2004, actually both camps thought they were going to win and in the end it was a close race, for president bush and john kerry. and i think we're going to have a reasonably close competitive election, let's all pray that we have on tuesday a decisive result, whichever way it goes, we do not want to go into overtime. >> uma: no, we don't want to go into overtime, but i'm sure as you probably feel it's going to go into the early morning hours before we know who is going to come out the winner? >> yes, it probably will go through the night and who knows, into the next day or longer, you know, some of the states don't count the provisional ballots until days or even weeks after the election. so, if it is close, we may have to be patient, and
10:49 am
americans aren't very good at patience. >> no, not at all. i'm certainly one of those not patient, i want to know who is going to be the winner. so i'll be waited with baited breath. >> me, too. >> uma: great to see you as always, appreciate it. >> thanks, uma, terrific. >> uma: new details into fox news, raising more questions about the benghazi terror attack. what key senators and others are saying about the latest revelation. stay with us. . >> they don't want to get to the bottom of libya before the election. [ lisa ] my name's lisa, and chantix helped me quit. i honestly loved smoking, and i honestly didn't think i would ever quit. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. it put me at ease that you could smoke on the first week. [ male announcer ] some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these stop taking chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of depression or other mental health problems,
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>> we are back, of course, all of you know it's important to cast your vote in the presidential election, but for one woman, voting landed her in jail and allegedly tried to vote more than once. roxanne rubin voted at early voting in henderson and reportedly went to las vegas and tried to cast her vote the second time on the same way and they reportedly saw her name in the data base and did not allow her to vote again. she was arrested by fbi agents and now been charged. >> and fox news has reviewed a classified cable that shows the conflisulate in benghazi
10:54 am
considered moving operations due to security concerns before that attack. and standing by with more on the story, molly. >> that was sent to secretary of state hillary clinton's august 15th less than one month before the attack in libya and how u.s. personnel on the ground there were making contingency plans and reads in part, quote, in daily pattern of violence would be the new normal for the forseeable future and personnel could co-locate to the annex, cia alex if it degraded suddenly. reveals they were concerned about the trustworthiness of the libyan militia, noting that quote, certain sectors of the 17th brigade with hesitant to share information with the americans. one american senator says the obama administration wanted to believe that libya was safe enough to keep a smaller
10:55 am
security footprint there. >> and this has been the story of libya for months. the people on the ground in libya are begging and pleading for additional security, they're being denied additional security, military and civilian security, u.s. security, because we wanted quote, normalize relationships with libyan government na didn't exist in benghazi. >> reporter: senator graham and fellow senators, mccain and kelly ayotte, are calling for lawmakers to investigate the attack. and the obama administration says they want an independent review before making assessments. in the meantime, president's team at the white house and the campaign say republicans are trying to take advantage of a tragedy. >> as soon as that information is available, as soon as the final report is completed, that will be released, but this is not a time for treating this like a political football, which is what mitt
10:56 am
romney and many republicans are doing. the american people deserve better than that. >> the state department believes the report will be finished sometime in december. uma. >> uma: molly, thank you very much. well, we asked and you answered and your twitter responses on the election are coming up next. these fellas used capital one venture miles
10:57 am
for a golf getaway. double miles you can actually use... but mr. single miles can't join his friends because he's getting hit with blackouts. shame on you. now he's stuck in a miniature nightmare. oh, thank you. but, with the capital one venture card... you can fly any airline, any flight, any time. double miles you can actually use. what's in your wallet? alec jr? it was a gift.
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10:59 am
>> that's going to do it for us here in washington. before we go, did you vote early or prefer to wait until election day?

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